For more than 40 years,

A&F professionals have been delivering unique designs utilizing state of the art methods that are both visually dynamic and economical. The company was founded by Phil Amos – President and David Finch – Vice President. Their common principles such as dedication to customers, integrity, honesty, and compassion for building made them a perfect fit in the General Contracting world. There was nothing magical about their plan, they wanted to keep it simple by setting high standards for their team and putting their customers first. They pride themselves on delivering far more than what the clients ask for in their projects. Every project begins with researching and getting to know the client's business. How can you exceed expectations without knowing the needs of your customer? Some people consider A&F General Contractors a “Boutique General Contractor” and they are proud of this description of their company. Don't let the nickname fool you into thinking they are a small contractor; A&F has design-built several projects that are 500,000+ square feet along with multi-story tilt-wall buildings.