A&F General Contractors Is Known for Being One of the Most Innovative and Diversified Builders in the Houston Area

A&F is considered a “Boutique General Contractor”. What does this mean? A&F offers all the amenities of a large firm but with a personal touch, attention to detail, focus on price value relationship, and exemplary customer service. “Small enough to listen but big enough to make it happen”.

Personal Touch

The owners of A&F General Contractors believe it is important to stay involved in all our projects from the initial provoking discussions through the punch list. This philosophy is one of the key components to A&F's success in the industry. Often times in the general contracting business, the owners take a less active role in their companies and the customers feel like they're working with teams who are not designing and building what is best for their business. A&F General Contractor’s team gives each project careful thought towards the design, budget, and schedule. This personal touch with the customers and time taken to research/understand their business is critical to the process and results in turning the customer's dream into a reality.

Attention to Detail

They say that what makes a great builder is the ability to visualize the project being constructed down to the last bolt long before the first shovel has been put in the ground. This attention to detail creates a proactive approach to construction. Choosing the right team for specific projects, certifying all the superintendents in Storm Water Quality Control, beginning utility coordination on day one, implementing and enforcing a comprehensive safety plan, making sure quality assurance and controls is the highest standard procedures for all team members, identifying critical path items ahead of time, streamlining the submittal process to expedite the schedule, sequencing the trades and tasks of the project, creating precautionary plans for unusual weather which is the norm for Coastal Texas, and developing price studies to assure the best price/value relationship possible for our customers are only a handful of ways A&F General Contractors pay close attention to the details on every project.

Price Value Relationship

More than 50% of A&F's work comes from the design-build method. The benefits of this method start with accurate pricing and budgets. A&F's design-build team pays careful attention to specifications that are not warranted for the application, over-engineered plans, material selection, techniques and concepts that can affect the schedule, as well as a careful and thorough review of the construction documents. These items impact the cost of the project in a multitude of ways. To combat these obstacles, A&F selects specifications specific to application so we get it right the first time, material selection that support the needs of the customer, execute pre-planned practices to improve the schedule along with releasing the best set of construction documents in the industry. A&F's goal is to make customers feel that they have achieved more than they paid for.

Key Focus on Customer Service.

It’s safe to say that you have seen this slogan a hundred times from various types of service-oriented companies. The truth is that focusing on the services are only a small part of the promise. Focusing on the customer is the key to exemplary customer service. Customizing your services to meet the specific needs of each customer builds strong relationships. There is truly nothing that works better than great communication with the client. The results are exponential: 

  • 50% fewer warranty calls
  • Fulfilling your promises and contractual obligations
  • Repeat customers beyond the national average
  • Long term relationships
  • Trust, reputation, and pride